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The future is ultra-light
Aviation for Science
Black Carbon pollution research
GreenLight WorldFlight 2016 mission of global black carbon pollution measurement has been successfully completed on April 22nd at airport Portorož LJPZ after flying 42 000 km in 28 days.
We have demonstrated during the previous GLWF 2012/13 round the world and the North Pole campaigns that an instrumented ultra lightweight aircraft can provide valuable information on BC concentrations, their regional heterogeneity and vertical profiles with a minor payload and for a fraction of the cost associated with large airborne platforms. We trust that the campaigns will initiate a change of the measurement paradigm and a start of measurements campaigns on a really large scale.
Please follow us on new adventures in coming years. In 2017 we will measure transport of black carbon and Sahara send into the Alps and central Europa.
Together we are stronger!

GLWF team